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Get your loan modification approved!!!

By Frank Valente | April 12, 2012

Now is the time to revisit and get your loan modification approved! With the recent government settlement with the large banks, I am seeing more loan approvals. Even if you were not approved before, there is a window of opportunity. Please Forward, …

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How to buy a short sale!

By Frank Valente | April 1, 2012

How to buy a short sale? Some may think this could be a April’s Fools day joke!!! But it can be done! For more information call Frank at 916-257-0893 or email, visit, Please comment.

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What is a short sale.

By Frank Valente | March 31, 2012

What is a short sale? For more information call Frank at 916-257-0893 or email, visit, please leave a comment!

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Why Use the Services of a Real Estate Agent?

By Frank Valente | February 9, 2011

This question is often asked, especially by homeowners who consider selling their homes by themselves.The fundamental first answer to this question is that an experienced realtor is an expert at what he or she does. Through hard work and education, they’ve acquired a set of skills that make the process of home buying and selling a lot easier than it would be by doing it yourself.So, what are the skills in the set I’m talking about? Well, for one thing, we have the skill of being the go-between. We’re the people who handle people and calls and separate the “wheat” (real buyers) from the “chaff” (non-buyers) without you ever having to deal with such situations. In Internet terms, we make sure you’re not “spammed” with worthless offers and target real deals for you.We’re also the ones who save you a lot of time by making sure you’re looking at appropriate properties and neighborhoods right from the get-go.And, speaking of neighborhoods, an experienced realtor will know them inside-out or will know how to find the latest information on them. That means he or she can get you into neighborhoods where the crime rate is low or non-existent, find you ones with great…

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Property Value Trends

By Frank Valente | February 1, 2011

Knowing property value trends can be very helpful to you as a buyer, seller or investor. As a buyer, you can pinpoint bargains in areas that are trending upward (or downward) in price. As a seller, you can use the information as part of the bargaining process to get the maximum price from the sale. As an investor, you can use the latest forecasts and trends to determine whether you want to invest, when you want to invest, and how much to put into a property. Remember, the trends are not guarantees of future performance; they’re an educated guess as to which way the market is moving.Whatever your real estate goals, you want the latest and best information, and you want it from experienced professionals. In terms of your neighborhood and/or city, your local real estate agent is the best source for weekly and monthly trends. After all, it’s their job to stay on top of such trends in the markets they serve. Other organizations provide state, regional and national forecasts. They’re often updated on a monthly or quarterly basis. Sources of Information Thanks to the Internet, there are many, many sources for data on real estate property value trends. For state trends, go…

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What is a 1031 Tax Deffered Exchange?

By Frank Valente | December 30, 2010

There are three types of 1031 tax deferred exchanges that can take place: 1.) Straight exchanges—two parties trade properties of equal or approximate value. This is the simplest exchange.2.) Multi-party exchanges—this involves three or more parties buying, selling, or exchanging properties. Don’t attempt these exchanges without the aid of a tax professional; they tend to be very complex.3.) Delayed exchanges—this exchange allows the sale of the relinquished property and the buying of the replacement property to occur at different times as long as stringent rules are followed.This is the exchange most often used. What’s the Advantage of the 1031 in Terms of Taxes?As the law’s title indicates, the capital gains tax is deferred, but not eliminated. However deferral is a great way to leverage small real estate holdings into larger ones! Since you can postpone gains, you’re able to use a tax-deferred exchange strategy to transfer equity to a larger property, all without paying taxes!Another advantage is that there’s no limit on exchanges. This means you can make as many exchanges as you want! So, over the course of your lifetime, you can keep growing income and appreciation by adding new properties without having to pay the capital gains tax!If you specialize in buying and…

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Happy Holidays!

By Frank Valente | December 22, 2010

We would like to wish you and your family a happy holidays! Thank you for all your past business and the referrals you have sent us as well as supporting our video blog. Remember us for any of your real estate needs and have a great and safe new year. See you in 2011! Now please enjoy this article about bi-weekly mortgages. Are Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments Worth the Time and Effort? In most cases, yes! It’s essentially a process by which you make extra payments on your mortgage. That way, you save interest costs and pay off the loan faster. How Does It Work? You make a payment to your lender every two weeks instead of once a month. This means that each payment is equal to half of the monthly amount due. The result – you’re paying the equivalent of 13 full payments rather than the usual 12. It gets even better! The full amount of the extra payment is applied toward the principal. And because the principal balance is the amount on which interest is calculated, paying down principal results in a reduction in accrued interest! Let’s look a traditional payment monthly schedule vs. a bi-weekly schedule so…

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What Determines the Value of Your Home?

By Frank Valente | November 29, 2010

Basically, a home’s worth is determined by its market value. How is “market value” determined? Most often, it’s figured by a comparison (“comp”) with homes similar to yours in the surrounding area. So, if the homes in your neighborhood average, say, $250,000, then it’s likely that the value of your property will fall in the same range. But market value is also determined by a number of factors including the following:  External Factors There can be several external factors influencing the value of your home. One is “curb appeal”, or the first impression your property makes upon prospective buyers. A home that’s in excellent condition on the outside will make a great first impression; a home in poor repair instantly loses its appeal to buyers. Other factors can include lot size, popularity of an architectural style of property, water/sewage systems, paved roads, sidewalks, etc.  Internal Factors  The condition of a home’s interior also has a huge influence on prospective buyers. When you’ve demonstrated “pride of ownership” and kept up the maintenance (quality paint, trim, molding, etc.), a buyer’s interest will immediately perk up for the simple reason that they know your care and concern will result in less cost and maintenance for them. Other internal factors include…

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Be Un-Emotional When Buying a Home In Order to Get the Best Value!

By Frank Valente | November 17, 2010

Want to break your heart and your bank account at the same time? Then buy a new home based on the fact that you’ve fallen in love with it!Needless to say, you should never do this!In some cases, when you fall in love with the “pretty face” of a house, you fail to look underneath and find problems like bad wiring, leaky roofs, bad foundations, etc. This is an extremely expensive way to buy a home!A funny and sad example of this is shown in the 1986 film, The Money Pit, starring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long. They make the mistake of falling in love with a home and think they’re getting a $1,000,000 property for only $200,000.Once they get into the home, they find out it’ll cost a million to repair it! It’s got wood rot, a bad roof, bad plumbing, bad electricity, even bad raccoons!Well, that’s Hollywood exaggeration, of course. After all, The Money Pit was a comedy. But, when things like that happen to you, it’s no joke. Repairs can cost you a lot of money and heartache, not to mention dangerously rising blood pressure!So, again, never ever fall in love with a house at first sight!…

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Welcome to my NEW Video Real Estate Blog!

By Frank Valente | October 29, 2010

Welcome to my brand new video real estate blog! Every two week’s I’ll update you with a short video on how to make a smart decision in real estate. Today, I’d like to let you in on my home inspector secrets, you may either watch my video above or read the article I put together for you below. Thanks for visiting my blog!You Better Give Sherlock Holmes a Ring! No, you don’t need the fictional detective inspector. However, you do need a home inspector! Think of this as a “pre-emptive strike” to maintain or increase your home’s value before you put it on the market. Here are the benefits an inspector provides you: Benefit 1: The inspector can uncover any problems that need fixing, and you can correct them before any potential buyers enter your home. Such an inspection can prevent your sale from falling through! Benefit 2: With an inspection, you can show prospective buyers receipts to prove the work has been done. Buyers love proof! In reality and in their eyes, it underpins the value of your home and the asking price. Benefit 3: You may be able to factor the cost of the inspection into the asking price for your home! Benefit 4: When…

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“They were super helpful and walked me through purchasing my first home and were always available, always responsive which made what could have been a really intimidating process very easy, pain-free, and smooth. I asked him a ton of really dumb questions because as a first-time buyer I didn’t know what I didn’t know and rather than pointing me to the answer he went the extra mile and got all of the detailed information for me.”

“We were very happy with it. They advised us that we were asking too much and so we lowered it which they didn’t think was enough yet, but we wanted to try it. So we tried it for several months and it didn’t work so we lowered it again and got a bite. They were honest with us and Mary was very personable and she showed us many homes. We are in our eighties and we had some restrictions at the time so they were always very careful to see that they didn’t take me any place that I couldn’t get around. They have become very dear friends.”


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