How many months to get your home SOLD?

How many months will your home be on the market before you are under contract. I just pulled some statistics for Placer, Eldorado, and Sacramento county. One way to study the market is to compare the number if ACTIVE homes versus the number of SOLD homes (for a particular market and time frame).

For the overall region of Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, and all price points, the marketing time to get a home under contract is 50 days.

But is there a difference depending on price point?  Absolutely!

If we look at the market for homes under $400K, the marketing time drops to 40 days.

But if we look at the the market for homes over $700K, the marketing time is 135 days.

One of the unknowns for our market is new home construction.  New home builders are really just getting started again in our region.  As the availability of new constuction homes increases, we can expect the marketing time for re-sale homes to increase.